Do You Need a New, Reliable HVAC System?

Do You Need a New, Reliable HVAC System?

Set up HVAC installation services in Bismarck, ND

Whether you're building a new home or business building or you're just ready to replace your old HVAC unit, you can depend on the experts at Western Edge Heating & Air. We provide HVAC installation and HVAC replacement services in Bismarck, ND.

Our team installs high-quality HVAC units. We carry Armstrong Air and Ducane brand air conditioning units, gas furnaces and electric furnaces. You can also rely on us to install water heaters and humidifiers.

Call 701-391-4865 today to get a free quote on our HVAC installation services.

Is it time for you to get a new HVAC unit?

Though Western Edge Heating & Air can make HVAC repairs, there are times when replacing your system entirely is more cost-effective. Our expert technicians will likely suggest you replace your HVAC system if:

  • Your HVAC unit is more than 10 years old.
  • You've spent over $1,500 on HVAC repairs already.
  • Your energy bill gets higher every month.

We'll find the most cost-effective solution for you. Reach out to us right away to schedule HVAC replacement services in the Bismarck, ND area.

Choose an experienced HVAC contractor

When it's time to replace your heating or cooling unit, rely on Western Edge Heating and Air for expert HVAC installation. We can install any make or model of HVAC equipment, and we'll help you choose the system that fits your needs.

We handle residential and mobile home HVAC installations in Bismarck, ND. If you own property, you should keep your space comfortable for you and your family. You'll also save on cooling and heating costs with a new energy-efficient unit. Call us today to schedule residential and mobile home HVAC installation in Bismarck, ND.